Talib Kweli’s Letter From Ferguson

Talib Kweli’s Letter From Ferguson

Rapper Talib Kweli is a legend. While it’s true he has been in a little trouble for a recent CNN interview (which can be viewed by clicking here), the man’s intentions have (and always will be) to speak up for those people of the world who are oppressed by today’s society. Just look at the video above, for his ultra-famous song Get By and you will be able to figure out what the dude is all about.…

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Save Eugene Art Presents… Marker Monday (Photography)

Save Eugene Art Presents… Marker Monday (Photography)

IT’S OFFICIALLY MARKER MONDAY! Sponsored by COPIC Markers, a bunch of crazy dope artists based out of Eugene, Oregon got together and started tagging famous downtown walls and even people! It was an awesome event, for an awesome town, full of incredibly awesome artists. Tattoo artist Typhannie Lynn was one of the most notable taggers, as she tagged up model Sarah Carter for the Save Eugene Art…

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Chandler Road - Childish Gambino

Chandler Road – Childish Gambino

Childish Gambino is going OFF as of lately! After jumping on stage and vigorously freestyling that he is the best in the world (even calling out Drake, Kendrick Lamar and SchoolBoy Q), Gambino has been continuing his tour and now he releases this. Claiming to be “the last great American poet,” Bino absolutely murders this beat. Of course, he pulls the classic Drake/Bino move and flips the beat…

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Mat Zo - The Up Down Left Right EP (Audio)

Mat Zo – The Up Down Left Right EP (Audio)

THE UNITED KINGDOM IS ON FIRE! Well, not really, but the homie Mat Zo certainly is! DJ and producer Mat Zorecently decided to bless the world with a sweet new EP. Appropriately titled The Up Down Left Right EP (because it goes all directions), Mat Zo is proving once again why he is a DJ worth reporting on. Celebrating the launch of his own record, following in similar footsteps to Diplo, Skrillex…

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G-Unit Is Back, Bitches! (Editorial)

G-Unit Is Back, Bitches! (Editorial)

The group that dominated the Hip Hop spectrum in the early 2000’s is now back in action!It’s taken me weeks to write this article because honestly, I couldn’t believe it. G-Unit was the group that made people who loved Hip Hop hated by the rest of the world. They embodied braggadocios and gangsta rap to the highest level, achieving heights of success only before seen by N.W.A. and (arguably)…

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No Heroes - FireBeatz & KSHMR (Music Video)

No Heroes – FireBeatz & KSHMR (Music Video)

No Heroes is the latest track released off the Spinnin’ Records label. Featuring producer/DJ’s FireBeatz & KSHMR, the track absolutely bangs. In this cinematic new video, directed by Nima Nabili Rad, this big room track gets a big room feel. With a few off-guard surprises here and there, and some bangin’ electro sub madness, this track is sure to make the playlist of any big room electronic music…

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I Can’t Take It - Dillon Francis (Audio)

I Can’t Take It – Dillon Francis (Audio)

DILLON FRANCIS YO! The big DF is back in the building and scaring children with this one! On the verge of releasing his upcoming album: Money Sucks, Friends Rule, Dillon Francis is definitely taking the world by storm. Fresh off his release of When We Were Young, being a part of OWSLA’s 20-song BitTorrent Bundle and the Get Low music video featuring Dj Snake, it’s safe to say Dillon Francis is…

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Carry On - Statik Selektah, Joey Bada$$ & Freddie Gibbs (Music Video)

Carry On – Statik Selektah, Joey Bada$$ & Freddie Gibbs (Music Video)

One of the most legendary East Coast producers Statik Selektah has been tearing the game up (again) as of recently. In his latest collaboration, this time featuring two of the East Coast’s most prominent upcoming emcees — Joey Bada$$ & Freddie Gibbs— Statik once again proves why and how he deserves to be your favorite real school Hip Hop producer. This is that 90’s shit you loved and grew up on,…

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Be Free - J.Cole (Audio)

Be Free – J.Cole (Audio)

J.Cole has always been one of my favorite emcees to emerge from the new school era.
Not only did the man create two of my personal favorite mixtapes, he also represents an old school, lyrical, southern hip hop appeal to the mainstream audience rap music. Clearly influenced by the likes of Little Brother and Jay-Z, J.Coleis an artist worth listening to. This song is no different. In the wake of…

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Skrillex & OWSLA Release 20 Songs on BitTorrent

Skrillex & OWSLA Release 20 Songs on BitTorrent

Simply put, Skrillex is awesome! He and his label record label OWSLA dropped 20 songs, for free, on BitTorrent. This marks yet another interesting transition in the online music industry. With SoundCloud now agreeing to pay royalties to the artists it promotes and the IFPI illustrating how and why the music industry is transitioning to online radio, it’s becoming clear people within the music…

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Simple & Sweet - Jon Bellion (Music Video)

Simple & Sweet – Jon Bellion (Music Video)

DAMN, WHO THE HELL IS THIS DUDE? Jon Bellionis a singer/songwriter/producer, with influences clearly hailing from all genres as diverse and ranging as electronic trap music, to acoustic tracks, to R&B and Hip Hop. Truly, the man is an incredible talent! (And his music isn’t that bad, either). His upcoming debut album looks to relay that information to the rest of the world. The Definition, which…

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Probmatik Monster Stomp - Gramatik (Audio)

Probmatik Monster Stomp – Gramatik (Audio)

GRAMATIK IS A MONSTER! Without a doubt one of my favorite electronic musicians to ever do it, Gramatik, is finally back to releasing some crazy dope original music. This time featuring ProbCause, Gramatik goes all out on this collaboration. Probmatik Monster Stomp is the perfect combination of Chicago Hip Hop and Glitch-Hop, two genres one wouldn’t normally foresee combining together pleasurably.…

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Easy Rider - Action Bronson (Music Video)

Easy Rider – Action Bronson (Music Video)

After reporting on this song just days ago, Action Bronson decides to drop the SUPER SICK visuals for Easy Rider! Easily the greatest music video a rapper has done this year, Action Bronson is seen looking like an American badass in every possible way. From riding Harleys, to saloon fights and gun-shootin’, Action Bronsonproves why he is one of the most entertaining rappers with this one. Still…

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Return of the Mack - Mark Morrison (SNBRN Remix) [Audio]

Return of the Mack – Mark Morrison (SNBRN Remix) [Audio]

SNBRN is a man who loves the classics! The Los Angeles, CA-based producer is one of the coast’s kings when it comes to remixing the classics, and since this classic happens to be a personal favorite, I couldn’t help but repost it. After his remix of 50 Cent’s 21 Questions, I quickly became a fan. He basically takes amazing tracks and turns them into incredibly laid back deep house phenomenons.…

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Rebound - Flosstradomus (Audio)

Rebound – Flosstradomus (Audio)

FLOSSTRADOMUS IS BACK TO READY TO MESS YOUR SPEAKERS UP! While Flosstradomus has been busy procuring a mesh between electronic trap music and rap, the duo is now showing a new side of their production. The difference is incredible, but both styles remain poignant, listenable and (most importantly) interesting. Just think about it this way, Flosstradomus’ last song was basically a dubstep track…

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