Minimalistic Thoughts, Part 1 - calvin./CHANCE (Poetry)

Minimalistic Thoughts, Part 1 – calvin./CHANCE (Poetry)

Minimalistic poetry brought to you by upcoming artist (rapper, poet and photographer) calvin./CHANCE. When we do features on our site, it’s to highlight the dopest creatives we can find in the industry. calvin./CHANCE is that guy. A man of many trades (including a usual writer for our site), he is sure to have impact on the world someday. For now, we report on him as best we can.

- Josh Carson, E…

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Down On Me - Dj Mustard, 2 Chainz & Ty Dolla $ign (Music Video)

Down On Me – Dj Mustard, 2 Chainz & Ty Dolla $ign (Music Video)

In preperation for his upcoming debut album 10 Summers, firey-hot rap producer Dj Mustard releases a heavy banger featuring none other than 2 Chainz & Ty Dolla $ign. The track is nothing surprising, other than hearing Dj Mustard do his best Fatman Scoop impression at the end, but gives us a sneak peak into the world of 10 Summers. The album, as is to be expected, features many of Mustard’s…

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Feel That Bass - Stalley (Music Video)

Feel That Bass – Stalley (Music Video)

MMG fan-favorite Stalley is back in action with his latest music video for Feel That Bass. Premiering on WorldStarHipHop appropiately, this is one of Stalley’s more upbeat tracks. Featured on Stalley’s Honest Cowboy mixtape, here we witness the man himself whippin’ down the block in a Chevy droppin’ game on fools. His career with MMG looks bright, and this song is sue not to disappoint. Watch the…

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Monotone - T-Pain (Music Video)

Monotone – T-Pain (Music Video)

Who knew T-Pain was still capable of a fire ass rap verse? Well, T-Pain apparently. Monotone is the king of auto-tune’s latest addition and surprisingly enough, there is no auto-tune. Instead, we hear Pain as we haven’t heard him in years: angry as hell, apparently doing his best Control verse-impression. In all seriousness though, this is a song everyone in the Hip Hop community should take a…

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Ryan Hockett Interview (Photography Editorial)

Ryan Hockett Interview (Photography Editorial)

Ryan Hockett Photography EFF UR STILO Photography Editorial Demi Jason calvin./CHANCE

Demi, calvin., Jason

As you fuckin’ awesomefrequent readers know, I am writing a book. WE ARE DREAMERS: What It Means To Be a Creative today is a collection of 33 interviews with artists from all over the world at various stages of their careers. By reading every interview of all varying fields, the reader discovers what it takes to become a viable act within the entertainment industry. Today, I…

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Let’s Talk About Sleep (Baby)…

Let’s Talk About Sleep (Baby)…

The guest writers just keep popping up here at EFF UR STILO. Now, he hear about sleep from none other than the Live the Dream Records CEO himself: Artur Sibgatullin aka KiNG TuRO. (It was super fun to edit this). Enjoy the read below

The amount of sleep that a healthy individual needs is largely determined by two factors: genetics and age. (Yup, age plays a role in sleeping patterns. That’s why…

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Splatted. - calvin./CHANCE (Painting Editorial)

Splatted. – calvin./CHANCE (Painting Editorial)

Here at EFF UR STILO we like to let the artists we feature have fun and take over their post. So without further ado, here’s calvin./CHANCE‘s latest artistic venture….


a three part series about love
















The paintings are available on and are also available as bags, iPhone cases, coffee mugs

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Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier (Review)

Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier (Review)

Summer 2014 is here and with it Marvel has a slew of new titles headed to theatres. After bringing together the Avengers films for a fantastic culmination of plots, Marvel is again laying the groundwork for another Avengers film (which may feature a cameo from another group of heroes I won`t mention here. No spoilers! No spoilers!!!) Fans of the first Captain America rejoice! The Captain has…

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BackFlip - Casey Veggies & IAMSU! (Audio)

BackFlip – Casey Veggies & IAMSU! (Audio)

Casey Veggies is clearly releasing barrage of tracks this summer. Fresh off releasing his track Lipstick on the Blunt with King Chip, he’s onto a completely recording over a IAMSU!beat, with IAMSU! featured on the hook. Goin’ from sampling groovy flows to straight strip club anthems, Veggies is definitely an artist to keep your eye on. The former OFWGKTA member is now leading his own career, and…

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Gleesh - Fat Trel (Album Stream & Review)

Gleesh – Fat Trel (Album Stream & Review)

Upcoming writer/rapper Justin Davis knows just about everything there is to know about the Hip Hop industry. (You may remember him from this post we did about his music). Listen to Fat Trel‘s latest mixtape: Gleeshabove. (Which is somehow related to Glee… I mean, just look at that cover. Fuck, that’s nasty). Anyways, while you guys are taking a listen, be sure to read through the homie Justin…

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Psychedelic Journey - Feed Me (Album)

Psychedelic Journey – Feed Me (Album)

One of the most exciting names in current EDM, Feed Me, is back to us with a fresh new tape! The appropriately titled Psychedelic Journey is a fantastic collection of Feed Me‘s recent work. Not only would this make for quite a psychedelic journey should anyone ever go see him live, it is also dope as hell to just vibe to. You can buy the album on iTunesand/or stream it in its entirety below. (If…

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Poke-Polloza! [Pokemon Omega Ruby & Sapphire Breakdown] (Video Games)

Poke-Polloza! [Pokemon Omega Ruby & Sapphire Breakdown] (Video Games)

On May 7th, Pokemon announced it would be remaking the classic Ruby & Sapphire versions for the Nintendo 3DS.As you can imagine, Pokemon fans all over the world went fuckin’ bananas. Not only does the game feature a host of new features, it also includes a whole host of new Pokemon. The decision is not particularly surprising, seeing as Pokemon remade the classic Red and Blue versions for…

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How To Make a Hit Pop Song - Brett Domino (Comedy)

How To Make a Hit Pop Song – Brett Domino (Comedy)

LOL! This has got to be the funniest thing I have ever seen. He totally reveals the Top 40 pop music industry for what it is… basic ass music. As a dude that’s been attempting to record in music studios since the age of 16 (even managing to get signed to a few), trust me when I say this is beyond accurate. That being said, Brett does make it sound a little easier than it is. Sure, it’s only a few…

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BO$$ $HiT - MiMOSA & Bun B (Audio)

BO$$ $HiT – MiMOSA & Bun B (Audio)

Hardcore trap and rap fans: UNITE! The legendary UGK-creator that is Bun B has finally done a trap song, featuring none other than electronic mastermind MiMOSA. The song, which goes hard as FUCK!, is ridiculously dubby and ridiculously gangsta. It’s probably the most thug trap song to ever exist. My question is… when the hell did these guys meet each other? Like, did MiMOSA just show up to a…

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LeBron James Heads Back To Cleveland…

LeBron James Heads Back To Cleveland…

I gotta admit, I’m happy and impressed. LeBron James stepped up and made a hard decision, but one I ultimately think will benefit him for the rest of his career. His most dominant years, historically, will always have been in Clevelandand now, he’s playing for his hometown. He is playing for his childhood, for the people he loved and lost, for the city that raised him. He is truly stepping into…

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